AO Publishing Books Sample Chapters


AO Publishing Books Sample Chapters

La editorial de la AO Foundation publica varios capítulos de muestra de sus libros agrupados en diferentes temas:


AO Principles of Fracture Management. Second expanded edition 2007

Techniques and Principles for the Operating Room 2010

AO Master´s cases Minimax Fracture Fixation 2004

AO Manual of Fracture Management—Elbow and Forearm 2009

AO Manual of Fracture Management—Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing (ESIN) in Children 2006

AO Manual of Fracture Management—Hand and Wrist 2004

AO Manual of Fracture Management – Internal Fixators 2006

AO Manual of Fracture Management Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis (MIPO). Concepts and Cases presented by AO East Asia 2006

Handbook – Statistics and Data Management. A Practical Guide for Orthopaedic Surgeons 2009

Osteotomies for Posttraumatic Deformities

Osteotomies around thr Knee. Indications—Planning—Surgical Techniques using Plate Fixators 2008

Musculoskeletal Outcomes Measures and Instruments. Volume 1 Selection and Assessment Upper Extremity, Volume 2 Lower Extremity 2009

Bone in Clinical Orthopedics. Second, enhanced edition. 2002


Introduction to Spine Surgery. Essentials for ORP, fellows, and residents. 2006

AOSpine Manual. Volume 1 Principles and Techniques—Volume 2 Clinical Applications. 2007

AOSpine Outcomes Measures and Instruments. The invaluable tool for spine surgeons 207

Spine Classifications and Severity Measures. Disease severity—Trauma severity 2009

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